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In April 2009, EURODEMO+ has been initiated in form of a voluntary network with the following mission:

EURODEMO+ together with volunteer Regional/National Demonstration Platforms will promote and encourage the use of soil and groundwater remediation technologies through demonstration, with emphasis on the use of sustainable and cost-effective remediation practices.  This mission is based upon national/regional structures and needs, stimulated through pan-European exchange.  Our goal is to assist and connect stakeholders on "good quality" demonstration practices across Europe. 

For the time being the main task of EURODEMO+ is to sustain a pan-European network of National/Regional Demonstration Platforms, with the Federal Environment Agency in Austria being the secretariat until the end of 2012.

Top priorities of EURODEMO+ are to provide a European information platform for credible knowledge and technology transfer and support technology transfer for use within Europe and to the global market in order to increase the demonstration and implementation of sustainable and cost-effective remediation technologies across Europe.

You are cordially invited to make yourself familiar with EURODEMO+, and if you want to join or contribute to EURODEMO+, please contact:

 DI Dietmar Müller
EURODEMO+ secretariat

Spittelauer Lände 5
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +431-31304/5913
Fax: +431-31304/3533

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